Kindergarten Information

The following documents are required:

Tennessee Certificate of Immunization with Health Exam. This form may be obtained from your doctor or the Health Department. The physical exam must be given after January 1st of this year. Your child will not be able to attend school until this form is completed. If your child attended Pre-Kindergarten in the Sevier County School System or within the State of Tennessee, the "Pre-School Immunization Certificate and Physical" will be sufficient for enrolling your child in kindergarten, but immunizations must be updated to the required standards for entry. 

  • Official birth certificate. This is not the mother's copy or a hospital-created record of birth. If your child was born in Tennessee, the local Health Department can provide an official certificate.
  • Set up a kindergarten screening appointment at the time of registration.
  • If all required documents are not available on the day of registration, please turn them into your child's school as soon as you obtain them. The child will not be officially registered until all documentation is received. 
  • Only packets containing all of the required documents will be accepted by the school.
  • Call PFP (865) 428-3016 for more details