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Parent Teacher Organization

Our PTO is active in the day to day activities of our school and responsive to our children's needs. We consider all parents as PTO members and encourage everyone to take part in PTO events. 

We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to please join us for our PTO meetings this year. All our meetings will be held just before the grade level program each month

    Our parent/teacher group 
    exists to support the teachers at Pigeon Forge Primary in providing our children the very best education they possible can. We do that through fundraising and service projects. We always can use more help. If you have a few hours, or more time, please let us know and we will gladly find a way to use your help. We can be reached at 428-3016, or fill out one of the signup  sheets located in the front office.

      PTO signup form

    Listed below are a few of the items purchased by the PTO to benefit the children of Pigeon Forge Primary:

      - new computers and internet connections
      -DVD -VCR players
      - Risers for the Music Department
      - Recreation Equipment for the gym and school grounds
      - AR testing software
      - 4th grade books
      - Continuing education funds for our amazing teachers
      - Clinic supplies